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Wood Flooring Experts

Wood Floor Refinishing:  

We use 3 Coats:  1 coat of Bona sealer and 2 coats of Bona polyurethane               $70.00/gallon where other brands are $25.00/gallon)

Best Materials are Vital to a Long Lasting and Quality Job


Hardwood Floor 

  • Prefinished Oak and Maple Most Common

  • Sub-Floor-3/4 inch Plywood Subfloor is Glued and Screwed into Cement Floor

  • ¾ inch thick solid wood planks-nails shot into Plywood Subfloor

  • Must have 1 ½ inches of height available

Engineered Floor

  • Part Solid Wood with Plywood Base.

  • Glue Directly Down to Concrete

  • Requires less that ½ inch of height available.

  • Lower Cost Because Does Not Require Sub-Floor 


  • Put together like puzzle with nothing mounting it to floor.  

  • Least expensive, but lowest quality.


Any floor installation will require additional cost for molding cost & install.  Most common is 4-5 inch molding


Best Materials is Vital to a Long Lasting and Quality Job

  • Glue Adhesive-Bostik Glue Adhesive is the best and most expensive on market)

    • Glue Only-Bostik Best​

    • Glue with Full Moisture Barrier-Bostik Green Grip

    • Glue with Full Moisture Barrier and Sound Reduction-Bostik Ultra-Grip

  • Subfloor  

    • ¾ inch Plywood is the best option any other option is less.  Sub-floor is the most important part of floor construction!

  • Nails-staples vs cleats: cleats are 2x the money, but best option

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